How to Save Money on Christmas Cards

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Christmas is the favourite time of the year for many of us around the world, but this period can also get really expensive. From decorations to decadent food and festive clothing, there are so many expenses to factor into your budget. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money on Christmas cards without sacrificing the special message you want to convey. If you’re looking for tips and tricks to slash your Christmas card costs without compromising on quality, read on for some great advice.

Don’t Buy Cards You Don’t Need

Most people don’t make a list of people they want to send a card to over Christmas. They simply go into the shop and pick up a pack of cards (or three) regardless of who they are meant for. This isn’t an efficient use of money and can lead to you spending a lot more money on cards you don’t actually need.

Yes, sure Christmas happens every year and you can reuse the cards next year, but how many of you worry that you’ve already sent that exact same card to the same person last year? And how many of you stick them in the drawer and forget you have them, leading to you picking up another pack of cards next year?

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The solution to this is making a list of people you want to send a Christmas card to this year and picking up what you need (plus a couple of extra cards for the new friends you make). This way you won’t overspend on Christmas cards!

Look For Free Card Services

There are plenty of websites that offer free card printing (at Christmas and beyond). Some give you a one-off deal, where you can get a set amount of cards delivered if you pay for delivery. Others offer a free card printing service alongside a purchase of a set amount (but be mindful of buying things just for the sake of it). Check out some of the printing services online that often offer free prints (but be sure to read Ts&Cs):

Design And Print Your Own Christmas Cards

Printing your own cards is a great way to save money at Christmas. But… Make sure you price up the printing options before you go ahead.

  • Do you have a high-quality efficient printer that will cost you less in ink than in shop-bought cards?
  • Is there a local printing shop that you can use to print a bunch of cards? Can you find an online printing company that will do it cheaper?
  • Would it be worth creating a monochrome card this year and saving on colour ink?

Creating your own cards from scratch may not only be cheaper but can also add a personal touch. You can include scans of your own drawings or a festive photo of your family or you can design a car using free templates and images online. Some of the free design tools you can find online include:

Creating and printing your own cars will not only help you save money but will be a brilliant festive activity that builds excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas!

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DIY Christmas Cards

If you’re a crafty person, you might want to give making your own DIY Christmas cards a go. You can make cards out of almost anything, so if you want to make your own cards, you can (you just need to get creative)! Look around your house, do you have paper and pencils? You are good to go! And if you are not arty at all, find a simple image online that you can trace with a sheet of paper laid over your laptop or tablet screen (we won’t tell you cheated!).

Buy Christmas Cards For Next Year in Post-Christmas Sales

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your Christmas card spending, you can buy Christmas cards for next year in the post-Christmas sales. Many retailers will put their Christmas cards on sale after Christmas. It will increase your spending this year but will save money on Christmas cards next year (just don’t forget you have them!).

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Save Money on Envelopes

There is no need to buy envelopes! You can easily make them at home with just paper, scissors and some glue. Follow a simple envelope-making tutorial video and save some pocket money! You can use plain white printing paper, brown parcel wrapping paper or sturdier gift wrapping paper for some very pretty envelopes.

How To Save on Postage?

If you’re sending cards to people in different locations, then you’ll need to factor postage into your budget. If you are on a tight budget (or simply don’t want to necessarily spend more than you absolutely have to), make sure to follow the below tips to save on postage:

  • Whether you’re buying or making your own cars this Christmas, make sure you stick to the size and weight that will allow you to post them at the lowest price available. For example, the cheapest option in the UK is a letter that is up to 100g in weight and 24×16.5×0.5cm in dimensions (at the time of writing), so make sure to not go over.
  • Make sure your envelopes aren’t too heavy too!
  • Get organized in advance and buy 2nd class stamps instead of 1st class to save up to 30% on your Christmas Card postage costs. You can typically find guidelines and dates you should post your cards by at your local post office from the beginning of December.
  • If you know that a bunch of your family members or friends will be celebrating Christmas together, consider posting a whole bunch to one address (the postage fee will be higher due to the weight, but it will surely cost you less than posting Christmas cards to 6 different addresses).
  • Ask someone to deliver your cards for you. If you see your sister a couple of weeks before Christmas, simply ask her to give your card to your nephew or somebody that she sees regularly for you. You will save 100% on postage this way!
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Budget-Friendly Alternatives To Posting Christmas Cards

If posting Christmas cards this year is simply not the luxury that you can afford, don’t worry! There are so many ways to deliver that special message without it having to cost a penny! Here are some conventional and more creative ideas on how to say “Merry Christmas” Without having to spend any money on Christmas Cards:

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  • Digital Christmas Cards are a popular and most obvious option. Simply head to 123 Greetings or Greetings Island and choose a digital card to be delivered via email.
  • Design your own Card on Canva or Crello and email the card yourself.
  • Record a very special voice message on Whatsapp (maybe even sing a Christmas Carol!).
  • Make a festive video of yourself and your family wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and send it over to your loved ones via email or your preferred messaging service.
  • Make a call! You don’t have to explain your money situation, you can simply say that instead of sending a card you wanted to wish them a happy Christmas in person this year!


With these tips and tricks, you won’t have to break the bank this Christmas and will instead have a smaller bill than ever before. There are plenty of ways to save money on Christmas Cards and make your Christmas wishes even more personal and special. These tips will help you do just that!

If you found any of these tips helpful in saving money over the festive period, let us know! And please share your best tips to save on Christmas cards in the comments below – we would love to learn from you!

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