67 Things To Do On Christmas Day At Home

Family and friends playing charades in a dark room decorated with Christmas lights.

Stuck at home during the most wonderful time of the year? Lucky you! With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can have a great time without leaving your home! After all, Christmas is all about spending time with your family, so it is a perfect opportunity to teach your younger kids about your family traditions and reignite the love for Christmas in your older children! Whether you’d like to attend a Christmas concert, have a fun game night or go see Father Christmas, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home, with some hot cocoa in your hand and a Christmas playlist blasting through the speakers! But if you’re stuck for ideas on how to have a fun time at home over the Christmas holiday, here’s the list of the best Christmas activities that will have everyone enjoying themselves!

Express Gratitude and Be Kind

  1. Save all your Christmas cards that you receive in the post until Christmas Day and read them all out loud together with your family members.
  2. Write a Thank You note to Santa Claus. He definitely deserves it this year!
  3. Write Thank You notes to every single family member and friend who’s remembered to say Merry Christmas to you this year!
  4. Put your Christmas gifts into use and take photos. Send them to the people who have gifted them to you to show your appreciation!
  5. Is it too early to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions?
  6. Invite a lonely neighbour for dinner and learn all about their life story and experiences.
  7. Now that you have all the new toys, why not gather all the ones that you no longer need and donate them to charity?
A thank you note in a brown box on a wooden table.

Connect With Your Family

  1. Cuddle up in bed with the entire family and read a Christmas story together. Some good examples include The Little Match Girl, A Christmas Carol, and A Letter From Santa Claus.
  2. Call your family and friends to say Merry Christmas!
  3. Write anonymous notes on what new Christmas traditions you’d like to start creating starting next Christmas and then vote on all of the ideas!
  4. Write the Top 10 reasons that make the Christmas season so special to you and share them with your loved ones.
  5. Learn where your ancestors came from and explore some of the traditions they might have enjoyed in their country over this time of year.
  6. Make everyone their favourite drink on Christmas morning and serve them with a special Christmas message and a kiss!
  7. Watch some old home movies from the previous Christmas.
  8. Relax and have a conversation with your family reflecting on the year you’ve been having.
A woman and a young girl looking at a mobile phone and smiling.

Pure Christmas Fun

  1. Read your favourite Christmas poetry to each other! Some great poems include At Christmas by Edgar Guest, Ring Out, Wild Bells by Alfred Tennyson and Christmas Carol by Sara Teasdale.
  2. Write your own Christmas carols, sing them to each other and vote to announce the winner!
  3. Make a list of your family’s favourite Christmas songs and dance the night away! Nothing will bring you more festive cheer than some good old Christmas music.
  4. Choose a well-known Christmas song (like jingle bells) and rewrite it with your own words to tell the story of how your family celebrates Christmas! Trust me, it’s such a fun way to bring lots of laughs on Christmas Day!
  5. If you received a gift card or a voucher as your Christmas present, start spending online!
  6. Why not get all the girls together and treat each other to some Christmasy painted nails? Boys can have a brilliant grooming session led by their handsome dad!
  7. Make a family TikTok or Instagram and post on social media to say Merry Christmas to the whole world!
  8. Direct your own play and act it out with cameras pointed at you! You will have so much fun rewatching these next year!
Two Children in Christmas costumes acting.
  1. Invite your friends and neighbours over and have a full-blown Christmas party!
  2. Paint each other’s Christmas portraits.
  3. A Christmas photoshoot is always the best way to create a memory that will last a lifetime! Make it fun and dynamic! Shoot a scheme with mum getting stressed over a burnt turkey, dad having a nap after dinner and children being mischievous!
  4. Living room campout on the most magical night of the year! Set up a tent by the tree on Christmas Eve and sleep altogether for the best chance to catch Santa delivering the gifts!
  5. Use candy canes for science experiments! Yes, we’re sure you’ll be just as surprised as the little ones once you see them disappear!
  6. Try your hand at face painting and turn the whole family into Christmas characters!
  7. Have a taste and smell competition: blindfold your family members, get them to smell various Christmas spices and taste common Christmas ingredients and get them to guess what they are! The winner gets the biggest slice of Christmas dessert later!
  8. Learn a Christmas dance routine following a tutorial on YouTube.
  9. Recreate the best Christmas you’ve had in the past! Were you in Spain? Put your favourite photo from Spain on your widescreen TV, serve some Sangria and listen to Feliz Navidad! Were you at your grandma’s house? Pain a full-size grandma, make her favourite recipe and bring past memories to life again!
  10. Peer out the windows of your house to admire your neighbourhood’s decorations and Christmas lights to get inspiration for next year!
Christmas lights in the city.

Get Crafty

  1. Make a scrapbook of this year’s festive period with polaroid photos of special moments, little notes from all the family members, and your favourite recipes you’ve enjoyed this year!
  2. Turn your old jumper into a Christmas jumper by decorating it with tinsel and Christmas Stickers!
  3. Make pom poms and decorate your living room!
  4. Make new Christmas decorations: decorate Christmas baubles, use toilet paper rolls to make festive ornaments and upcycle old unwanted things to make them into next year’s Christmas decorations!

Christmas Games For Ultimate Christmas Fun

  1. Christmas Charades
  2. Pictionary
  3. Rapidough
  4. Cludo
  5. Christmas Treasure Hunt
  6. Lego! Yes, lego! Build something extraordinarily Christmassy!
  7. Christmas Crime Murder Mystery
  8. Get to know your family members and friends better with a game called ‘Sussed’.
  9. Christmas Bingo, anyone?
  10. Put on a TV game show, like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and compete with each other to find out who is most likely to become a millionaire in the coming year! Make it extra fun by having a prize to be won!
  11. When was the last time you played Hide & Seek?
Three people playing board games.

Outdoor Activities Without Leaving Your House

  1. Build a snowman in your garden if you have snow!
  2. Have a snowball fight! Or use a sharpy to draw snowflakes on water balloons and pretend that they are snowballs!
  3. Christmas sports day in the garden: race with your feet in Santa’s bag, or a spoon with a Christmas bauble (one that cannot break) in it!
  4. Decorate a tree or a bush for the birds in the garden and add a special treat to the bird feeder.
  5. Create a Nativity Scene outside this year.
  6. Turn your garden into a winter wonderland.
  7. If you live in a warm climate, have a Christmas-themed pool party with Christmas Cocktails and sugar canes instead of cocktail umbrellas.
Snow man with a carrot for a nose and a photocamera hanging off its neck.

Turn Cooking Into A Fun Activity

  1. Get your family members each to cook a side dish of their choice for your Christmas dinner and then make it into a little competition whilst tasting everyone’s masterpieces.
  2. Make Christmas cookies and take them to a homeless shelter.
  3. Made gingerbread men and women and decorate them to look just like all the members of your family.
  4. Hot chocolate competition!
  5. Get a gingerbread house kit, or make biscuits and make your very own gingerbread house from scratch!
  6. Mane British mince pies and share them with your neighbours!
  7. Pass down your favourite Christmas recipe to younger generations by giving them a hands-on tutorial on how to make it!
Christmas Turkey in a roasting tin on a decorated table.

Watch TV! What???

  1. Get everyone to choose their favourite Christmas movie and then each vote for which one you’re going to watch whilst cuddled up under the blanket (you cannot vote for your own choice, of course!).
  2. It’s a great opportunity to watch one of the classic Christmas movies that you’ve not seen before. Will it be It’s A Wonderful Life? Miracle on 34th Street? Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?
  3. Did you know that you can watch a lot of performances from the biggest venues in the world? How about streaming Nutcracker Ballet performed by the best Ballet Troupes in the world?
  4. Learn about Christmas Traditions around the world by watching a festive documentary.
  5. Christmas Concert or Opera in the comfort of your own home? Dress up, connect your best speakers and make it a truly special occasion!

Bottom Line

The holiday season doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to attend all the events and parties! On the contrary, it is sometimes a great idea to stay at home and appreciate the quality time you have to spend with your family in your own environment! A great way to start planning fun Christmas activities is to make a list of things you enjoy doing as a family and then add a few things that you’ve never tried before! You never know, those new activities may just become your cherished Christmas traditions in the coming years! We hope our collection of Christmas activities with help you find something everybody will enjoy for years to come!

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